где купить верхнюю одежду

Fur outerwear for men is produced at the fur factory "Fur Manufactory" Ovechkin "" from sheepskin skins.

The use of natural sheepskin fur with high hair makes the products very resistant to the most severe frosts, the naked sheepskin is the warmest sheepskin coat, has increased strength, resistance to environmental influences and durability. Buying men's outerwear from a sheepskin on Our fur site "Fur manufactory" Ovechkin " You get a product from the manufacturer, a quality guarantee, as well as free delivery in Moscow and other regions of the country! Bekesha sheepskin coat is a sheepskin sheepskin coat, cut off along the waist line. It is made of black sheepskin in accordance with GOST 7416-73. The officer's bekesha is very warm thanks to the use of sheepskin with high hair. Able to withstand temperatures up to minus 50 degrees Celsius. Collar made of sheepskin, dyed black. New bekeshes are produced at the production of "Ovechkin Fur Manufactory" including large sizes (up to size 70). An army sheepskin coat made in accordance with GOST 4432-71.

The use of a straight cut allows people with any type of figure and constitution to wear the product with convenience, and the use of high hair allows you to comfortably maintain the optimum temperature even in the most severe frosts. Sheepskin coats are new, produced at the "Ovechkin" Fur Manufactory "including large sizes (up to size 70). Guards' sheepskin coat - single-breasted sheepskin coat with a shawl collar, sewn in accordance with GOST 5201-69.

Sheepskin sheepskin coat is intended for winter work, protection of objects, hunting and fishing. An army sheepskin sheepskin coat is fastened with two buttons and has no pockets, usually worn over outerwear. Jacket Pilot man's of sheepskin. Made in accordance with GOST 5710-85. Thanks to the use of a sheepskin tanned fur coat with high hair, the jacket is very warm, a frost-resistant nickel zipper is installed on the jacket, woolen wristbands on the sleeves allow you to avoid unnecessary heat loss, two side and two chest pockets. You can buy a Pilot jacket in our online store with free shipping. Also among the manufactured goods there is a leather pilot jacket. The pilot's leather winter jacket is trimmed with thick and especially durable sheepskin, and thick natural white fur gives the men's leather pilot jacket a presentable appearance.

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