Gift sets are a versatile and practical solution that is appropriate for any occasion.

Presentable boxes presented in the catalog of our online store are suitable as a successful presentation for a woman or man, children of different ages. Choosing high-quality, comfortable and beautiful sheepskin products, you can be sure of the usefulness of such a gift. It will not collect dust on the shelf or be transferred to each other. The sets show how carefully you chose gifts for male leaders, colleagues, relatives and friends, your beloved wife or husband.

Warm and soulful gifts

The Ovechkin fur manufactory specializes in the production of clothes and accessories from high-quality natural sheepskin. The material goes through complex and numerous stages of leather dressing, and the designers of the manufactory develop original items of men's, women's and children's wardrobe. Therefore, ready-made gifts for women or men from the Ovechkin Fur Manufactory are always exclusive items.

Why donate sheepskin products:

Aesthetically pleasing things. The universality of presentations. They create a feeling of comfort, coziness, soulfulness. These are durable products that can be used for decades. Huge selection of designs and set fillings. Affordable cost.

What to choose for a woman

Are you looking for a good present for your friend or sister, colleague or grandmother, mother, mother-in-law? Pay attention to ready-made solutions - boxes with sheepskin products. In our catalog you can pick up sets with different content and price range. One of the most popular options is natural sheepskin mittens. Made in traditional Russian patterns, they look very stylish and original. In addition to mittens with fur trim, patterned sheepskin chuni or shawls in the national style can be used. Women's scarves are also made of wool, so they will reliably warm you in the autumn-winter season.

What to give to men

Leather belts will be an irreplaceable gift. This is a stylish accessory made of natural material - beautiful and durable. Choose the best option for the set, taking into account the age and preferences of the man to whom you plan to present the present. In addition to a leather belt, men's mittens with fur trim or chuni on sheepskin can be used. Accessories are made in monochrome and strict colors, so it will be easy for you to guess with a gift. A classic and valuable gift for a man on February 23, New Year is bath accessories. The original bathhouse attendant set provides the most useful things for the steam room: a sheepskin bath hat, massage sponge, sets of aromatic oils, bath herbal steam baths.

Kits for toddlers

Gifts for newborns can also be made from natural sheepskin. After all, it is an environmentally friendly, warm, pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic material. The catalog contains ready-made solutions for newborn girls and boys. These are sets with high-quality booties, complemented by different options: themed eco-toys, a set of headbands for babies, sheepskin mittens, a teether. Depending on the age of the child, you can pick up ready-made gifts for discharge from the hospital, baptism, or in honor of the first year of a boy or girl.

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