Sheepskin furs are popular men's accessories. For their manufacture, natural sheepskin is used - warm fur, which has been successfully used by people for sewing clothes and shoes for many years. It is extremely warm and healthy as well. Sheep wool is traditionally used to make shoes, clothing, various jewelry and accessories from sheepskin. Sheep fur is very warm, wear-resistant, durable. It has a pleasant texture and healing properties. A sheepskin belt or knee pad is able to prevent the occurrence of arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, and also to reduce the manifestations of these diseases.

Our company offers

The Ovechkin fur manufactory sells high-quality fur accessories made of sheep's fur at affordable prices. You can buy from us:

sheepskin bath caps;

knee pads;


sleeping bags;


elbow pads, etc.

If your knees often hurt, we recommend buying a sheepskin knee pad. Such a sheepskin knee pad is useful for people with inflammatory diseases of the knee joints. In addition, wearing fur knee pads is useful for the elderly, as well as for those who have to constantly overload the knee joints or work in a draft. To protect the elbow joint, you can use a fur elbow pad. Made of sheepskin, the elbow pad is very warm and soft. It protects the elbow and keeps it warm in cold weather. If you are concerned about pain in the lower back, you can purchase a warm sheepskin belt.

Wearing it is useful if a person has chronic inflammatory diseases of the intervertebral discs, spine and genitourinary system, osteochondrosis, as well as urolithiasis and pathologies caused by the consequences of severe hypothermia of the internal organs. A fur sauna hat made of natural sheepskin will be useful for you when going to the sauna and bathhouse. This fur accessory provides effective protection of the hair and head of a soaring person from overheating. Sheepskin bath hats are especially convenient in that they provide high-quality thermal insulation and retain their original shape for a long time.

Sheepskin allows you to achieve higher thermal insulation from high temperatures compared to felt hats A warm winter sleeping bag made of natural sheepskin will effectively protect you from the cold even in severe frosts. A fur sleeping bag can be used for its intended purpose or as a warm, natural blanket. The use of natural sheepskin ensures unhindered drainage of condensation formed during sleep. Outside the product there is a special layer of membrane fabric with a protective impregnation, which does not allow the sleeping bag to get wet.

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