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The fur manufactory "Ovechkin" sews warm and comfortable clothes for women, whether it be vests in the Russian style, women's bekesh, home slippers or winter boots made of sheepskin. High-quality, durable sheepskin products fully satisfy the desire to be fashionable, beautiful and feel comfortable Product range Among the things that save from the fiercest cold: footwear made of natural sheepskin for the street: short and elongated boots, low shoes; home shoes: chuni, moccasins, slippers; clutches for baby carriages, mitts and fur mittens, including those for winter sports; outerwear: sheepskin vests, sheepskin bekesh for women; hats, earflaps, skufies, elegant hats and berets; fur socks, insoles.

To complete the image, leather belts and scarves decorated with national patterns are suitable. Lovers of steam bathing will appreciate fur bath hats. Healing sheepskin knee pads, elbow pads and belts will help to improve your health.

Features of products

Sheepskin shoes and outerwear not only look good, but also have practical properties. They quickly warm the body and retain heat without causing overheating and excessive sweating. Natural fur regulates heat exchange and absorbs excess moisture. Depending on the type of product, the hair height ranges from 10 to 30 cm. In winter, sheepskin boots are especially relevant. In terms of convenience, they are the same as homemade chuni, and the feet do not freeze in them even at temperatures from -35 to -50 ° C.

The 9-14 mm thick EVoplast foam rubber outsole does not slip on ice and protects from the penetration of cold from below. During manufacturing, some products are additionally supplied with: comfortable ties or hooks (women's sheepskin hat, vest); protective pads made of polyester or genuine leather (fur gloves); cover made of wear-resistant cotton fabric, water-repellent membrane fabric, bologna or leather (mittens, hats, shoes). For those who prefer maximum naturalness, the Ovechkin Fur Manufactory offers all kinds of things from unpainted natural beige fur. Among them are women's bekesha, fur hats, domestic chuni, etc. There are also colored models, models made of dyed sheepskin or covered with fabric. Especially for fashionistas, products are sewn with scarves in the Russian style, which will forever remain relevant.

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