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Care & Cleaning

Many customers when buying products made of sheepskin skins have a lot of questions about care and storage. On each item sold by the Ovechkin Fur Manufactory, there is a mandatory instruction that must be followed. Next, we will give the basic rules, observing which you can significantly increase the service life.

Recommendations for maintenance during operation

  1. It is forbidden to wear products whose size does not match the size of the owner (see the article how to choose the size of the product).
  2. Wear outer clothing made of sheepskin must be extremely careful, not allowing it to be damaged.
  3. When wearing it, it is recommended to protect it from moisture (rain, sleet). If moisture gets on things made of naked sheepskin, they must be dried at room temperature, in a free state. There may be small spots on the skin that disappear after drying.
  4. Every month, ventilate and comb the fur in the direction of the hair with a metal comb for animals.
  5. The appearance of insignificant scuffs in the places of the greatest use is allowed.
  6. The products must be protected from mechanical damage
  7. It is forbidden to try to remove fat spots and heavy dirt with washing powder, gasoline, alcohol, etc. Dry cleaning is recommended.

Recommendations for storage

  1. Before storing the sheepskin products, it is necessary to dry them well, comb the fur with a metal comb, and clean them from dust and dirt traces.
  2. Place it in a special cover made of fabric (preferably cotton). The use of plastic bags significantly reduces the service life
  3. Use anti-molar drugs
  4. Avoid direct sunlight once every 3 months, it is recommended to ventilate in the open air, to avoid the appearance of moths.

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