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About us


Ovechkin Furs was established in 2014 and is growing fast. We have built excellent manufacturing processes and a team of competent production designers and process managers with deep expertise. Ovechkin Furs is a brand name.

All products go through a long technological process. This is a labour-intensive process that begins with the dressing and preparation of hides, which are then used to make our furs. Our professional team create various designs which we then make a reality. We use only the hides of the sheep that were raised in Russia’s land.








Sheepskins are carefully selected – we check them for hair height and bald spots so that our customers could enjoy the best quality and safety. We use only specialized equipment for hide dressing and sewing. All our products are certified and tested in laboratories, which allows us to produce genuine products with excellent quality. As a manufacturer we strive to tailor our products to the custom wishes of our customers.

Outerwear and shoes made of natural sheepskin are very popular in the weather conditions of our country, because the use of natural fur with high hair makes the products resistant to the most severe frosts.


                             In our assortment there are products made of naked sheepskin - the warmest; it has increased strength, resistance to the influence of the external environment and durability. A versatile and practical purchase will be a vest made of natural sheepskin, which effectively warms the body, protects against drafts and frosts. The variety of models of demi-season leather jackets made of genuine sheep leather will impress even the most demanding buyers. A large selection of accessories made of sheepskin, including home shoes, hats, mittens, products for the home and car – all this and much more, we are happy to offer our customers.

All our products are certified and tested in laboratories. We produce products taking into account the individual wishes of the customer, when ordering, we will help you choose the right size.


                            Thanks to our production facilities, we are able to produce products for both retail and wholesale customers. We offer cooperation on mutually beneficial terms, guaranteeing the constant quality of our products and flexible payment terms. We carry out delivery to any point of Russia and neighboring countries.

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