Winter hats for children are made using natural sheepskin fur. Winter children's hat with earflaps made of sheepskin perfectly helps to keep warm in winter frosts. Suitable for winter walks and child's outdoor activities. The hat is covered with durable bolognese fabric, which makes it moisture resistant. Sheepskin is hypoallergenic, which allows any child to wear the product. Winter children's mittens made of sheepskin skins are also covered with bolognese outside and have a leather handheld.

Bologna fabric makes children's mittens moisture resistant, a leather handheld protects the mitten from tearing, and sheep's fur helps to keep warm in severe frosts. The use of an elastic cuff prevents snow from getting inside the mitten and allows it to be tightly fixed on the hand. Buying children's fur products in the online store "Fur Manufactory" Ovechkin ", you get a quality guarantee from the manufacturer and protect your children from severe winter frosts!

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