Stylish women's mittens made of sheepskin from the manufacturer with a quality guarantee. Fur mittens, pleasant for the skin of the hands, are a unique product. With the onset of the winter season, the demand for women's sheepskin mittens is increasing many times over.

Buyers highly value high-quality natural sheepskin with high hair for its strength, beauty, ability to reliably protect the hands from cooling, and comfort to wear. Women's accessories made from natural raw materials fully retain the healing qualities inherent in the material. The online catalog contains a wide range of products made from environmentally friendly safe fur. Women's mittens made of sheepskin at reasonable prices You can choose, purchase at an affordable price warm sheepskin mittens for every taste. Seasonal renewal of the collection, the original color palette helps the products to remain in demand in the consumer market.

Cozy mittens will keep your hands warm even in extremely low temperatures. In addition, they have hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory properties, exerting a micromassage effect on the bioactive points of the brushes. No other models will provide the comfort and warmth that sheepskin products will give you. Their designs are simple, but at the same time smart and flirty. This effect is achieved through an unusual finish. The surface of the products imitates the Pavlovo Posad shawl. A soft form combined with an expressive color palette and charming patterns create a romantic light mood. Models of different sizes, shades, trimmed with natural fur with impeccably processed seams are on sale. Attractive colors include classic (black, white), neutral (beige, brown), as well as brighter saturated colors.

Cozy mittens are the best choice for everyday comfort. They are low maintenance and are popular with women of all ages. Products from the Ovechkin fur manufactory: advantages Stylish fur mittens are strong, comfortable and durable. Any of the models is distinguished by the ability to pass air, while maintaining warmth and softness. Buyers value products for 100% naturalness; excellent warming properties (designed for the most severe frosts, and snowboard gloves are suitable for winter sports); wear resistance; lightness, convenience; anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic effect. Sheepskin retains its original shape, so it will keep your hands warm for several seasons. Spectacular women's mittens in the folk style, mitts are unlikely to go out of fashion. Indulge your hands with the luxury of noble fur, give them a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Choose, order accessories made from natural materials in our online store. The highest level of service: professionalism of managers, loyal prices, a varied assortment, prompt delivery will allow you to purchase stylish and practical gloves for women without leaving your comfortable chair.

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