A car is a lot of possibilities and a decent level of comfort.

The comfort during the trip is influenced not only by the position of the steering wheel and the ergonomics of the driver's seat, but also by car seat covers, which perform several functions.

The main purpose of a car cover is to protect the original upholstery from dirt and wear;

Removable cover, it is hygienic, as it can be easily removed when dirty and cleaned;

This is an affordable way to change the interior in the cabin, replace the old upholstery;

Thanks to capes and covers, it is much easier to keep the cabin clean; It has been proven that fur car seat covers have great health benefits, as they have a massage effect.

With such an abundance on the market, it won't be difficult to find suitable capes. But it is also easy to get lost in the presented variety. When choosing, they focus on the environmental friendliness of the material, its hypoallergenicity and aesthetics. Tapestry, plush, velor, suede, sheepskin are used in the production of auto covers. Drivers are in great demand for fur capes for cars made of natural sheepskin, which is indispensable in winter, as it retains heat well. Faux fur is beautiful, snug, affordable, but its characteristics will never equal natural. The most popular interior insulation is natural sheepskin, the benefits of which have been proven by centuries of use and scientifically proven. The special structure of wool does not allow dirt to linger on the surface, absorbs excess moisture, giving off dry heat.

Car seat covers made of natural sheepskin are not afraid of fungus and have a long service life. Arthritis, joint pains, headaches recede before the healing warmth of sheep's wool. It is a misconception that a sheep's cape is a suitable option only for winter.

Natural material allows air to pass through, preventing both cooling and overheating. Therefore, it can be argued that woolen covers are all-season. Main characteristics of sheepskin covers Free air circulation and hygroscopicity for a comfortable temperature;

Hypoallergenic, non-toxic;

No age restrictions;

An air gap that prevents the surface from cooling in winter and heating up in summer, ensuring comfort;

Resistant to abrasion, mechanical damage, fading.

The production enterprise "Fur Manufactory Ovechkin" is a young dynamic company, which in a short time established the production of sheepskin capes. The developed production base allows you to form affordable prices, excluding intermediaries' mark-ups. Sheepskin capes are available for both wholesale and retail customers.

The company's catalog contains various fur covers for car seats, differing in: a variety of shapes, colors; softness and strength; reliable fixation; durability and ease of maintenance. It is comfortable and pleasant to sit on such fur capes, they will decorate the interior of a car of any brand. Only raw materials that have passed a strict selection of quality are allowed into production. Capes for cars are made at the fur factory "Fur Manufactory" Ovechkin " from sheepskin skins.

Natural fur makes their sheepskin covers very soft, warm and durable. Car seat covers are available in black, white and gray, with or without a headrest. Car covers are universal and are suitable for almost all cars. With the products of "Ovechkin Fur Manufactory" you will fall in love with a long journey

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