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Sheepskin is not only useful, but also stylish!

Comfort and warmth - what could be better?

Comfortable warmth and coziness, reliable protection from severe frosts will give you men's outerwear made of sheepskin and genuine leather. The Ovechkin fur manufactory offers a wide range of seasonal clothing, with natural sheepskin. How did sheepskin deserve such recognition all over the world?

Animal fur, like nothing else, well accumulates and gives off dry heat to the human body. Any clothing containing natural sheepskin has healing properties due to the ability of natural raw materials to warm up deeply and remove moisture. If you are an adherent of noble materials, environmentally friendly fibers and you prefer comfort above all, then winter clothes made of sheepskin are what you need. -Clothes and shoes with sheepskin: what to choose? The winter assortment for modern men's wardrobe is represented by the following products: warm shoes made of sheepskin and leather; jackets and coats with insulation; sheepskin fur coat and sheepskin coat; insulated vest for men made of sheepskin.

The Ovechkin fur manufactory creates stylish and comfortable models of outerwear for men, in which sheepskin plays the role of insulation or decorative trim. You can buy a warm cropped jacket, an elongated coat, or a sheepskin coat. In addition to sheepskin, such clothes contain genuine leather and textiles.

The models of the flight jacket (Pilot) and the coat of bekesh that are cut off at the waist do not lose their popularity. Modern models are distinguished by stylish design, thought out to the smallest detail. In warm and solid outerwear, a brutal and masculine look is provided to you. In addition, no frost is terrible. For the same reason, special outerwear for hunting and fishing is sewn from sheepskin. For service in the harsh conditions of the north, a reliable army sheepskin coat and a guard's sheepskin coat, as well as military-style fur boots, will become practical purchases.

Reliable protection ensures a comfortable pastime in any conditions. Winter shoes are worthy of attention: sheepskin boots, high fur boots and warm boots. Sheepskin shoes are affordable and one of the most affordable materials for shoppers with varying budgets. By purchasing such shoes, you will provide your feet with warmth, protection from moisture, sweat and unpleasant odors. Sheepskin can take up to 50% moisture, while cotton can take up to 10%. The best anti-allergenic foot material is hard to find. Acceptable cost is a pleasant bonus for everyone who rationally approaches their purchases. Modern fashion is aimed at maximum comfort, but this does not negate the sense of taste and style. To create a fashionable image, present yourself in a dignified manner and at the same time maintain health, isn't this the dream of a modern man?

Sheepskin vests, slippers and belts, when worn for a long time, cure chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which is confirmed by medical research. This information deserves attention. Take the best from nature, for good health and comfort! If you have not yet completed a warm wardrobe, order clothes or shoes made of sheepskin at the Ovechkin Fur Manufactory.

You will not regret it.

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