Men's winter shoes made of natural sheepskin are a guarantee of health safety and comfort of being outdoors. This material can withstand frost, protecting the feet from hypothermia. You can order sheepskin low shoes, high fur boots, indoor slippers, fur or other models in the Ovechkin online store.

Material features The material for the production of men's sheepskin shoes is natural sheepskin obtained from the skins of sheep. It is double-sided, which provides full protection of the feet from frost. Before direct production, sheepskin leather goes through three important stages of processing: preparation (washing, cleaning the surface with antiseptic agents), tanning (increasing the wear resistance of the material), dyeing (giving the required color, pattern).

An auxiliary material for some models is genuine leather, which gives the product a more prestigious look and improves its technical characteristics. It is she who is necessarily used in the production of street shoes, for which more overestimated requirements for wear resistance are put forward. Key benefits of sheepskin products Practicality and comfort are the main advantages that all sheepskin boots have, as well as insoles and slippers. Shoes made of natural material show themselves with dignity in any climatic conditions.

The advantages of such models include: Resistance to frost (fur boots can withstand temperatures up to -40 and even -60 degrees); Naturalness (sheepskin outdoor and indoor shoes are completely hypoallergenic); A wide range (thanks to modern processing technologies, today sheepskin shoes are presented in a large variety of models); Simple care (both leather shoes and home chuni do not require special care - they are easily cleaned of dust and dirt with a damp cloth). The models presented in the Ovechkin store are equipped with a durable sole that does not get wet and does not let the cold inside. Its thickness depends on the type of shoe and varies from 8 to 15 mm.

Choosing winter boots should be based on individual characteristics and preferences. Leather low shoes are suitable for everyday wear. And as shoes for walking along the snowy streets, you can use the Admiral model or high fur boots. Bargain purchase on Ovechkin Online fur manufactory Ovechkin provides a wide range of men's shoes, the production material for which was natural sheepskin. In the catalog you will find boots, low shoes, high fur boots, house slippers. Also on the site you can order sheepskin socks and insoles, designed to provide additional protection in low temperature conditions.


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