The Ovechkin Fur Manufactory has been producing high quality certified sheepskin vests since 2014.

A sheepskin vest is a profitable and practical purchase, suitable for women of any configuration and age. Each vest of this kind is a fashion accessory that emphasizes the attractiveness of the girl and favorably gives the appearance. At the same time, the fur vest perfectly warms, does not restrict movement and has pleasant tactile qualities. This sleeveless jacket looks good over any clothing. Why is a women's sheepskin vest from the Ovechkin fur manufactory suitable for everyone? Sheepskin itself has excellent warming qualities, which, thanks to its naturalness, provide ventilation to the skin and prevent the body from sweating.

This allows you to feel warm while not overheating and without discomfort from temperature changes, which is especially relevant in autumn and spring. Natural sheepskin in clothes of different models has the following advantages: a women's vest favorably demonstrates the figure, especially in combination with classic accessories; the vest can be with buttons that allow you to unbutton your clothes in warm weather and protect yourself from the wind in cold weather. a vest with a scarf or with buttons due to the highest quality of production will last for many years without losing its original characteristics.

Admirers of the latest trends should pay attention to the vest and trimmed options, which perfectly retain heat. Among them there are nude models, differing in the location of the fur, which, as it were, looks inward. At the same time, the models are practically weightless and absolutely do not constrain when moving. Sheep wool is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin who are prone to allergic reactions. All products of the Ovechkin fur manufactory have hypoallergenic properties, which makes them highly appreciated by lovers of fashionable and safe clothes.

How are vests selected before sale? Each lambswool vest is carefully processed and inspected in several stages before it goes on sale. One of the main tasks of our company is the creation and supply of strong and durable products that meet all global requirements. These are soft, body-pleasant things that will delight a woman for many years of wearing in the winter and mid-season.

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