Women's sheepskin bekesha: fashionable and warm Do you want your winter to be truly warm and cozy? We offer you to buy a female bekesha made of natural sheepskin from the Russian manufacturer Ovechkin Fur Manufactory.

At seasonal shows of fashionable world designers, women's sheepskin bekeshes do not lose their relevance. The material is loved by many brands for its ability to embody bold and creative ideas, as well as for a high degree of protection from the cold. Natural material - natural sheepskin, has been loved for its valuable properties in all ages, namely: the ability to accumulate and retain heat for a long time; high hygroscopicity: wool fibers are able to remove excess moisture; windproof sheepskin and fur - the best protection from the winds.

Which model to choose?

Modern bekesha for women made of sheepskin is a warm natural sheepskin coat, sewn with fur inside. This robust winter coat is made entirely of lambskin. The classic female bekesha has a high and voluminous, turn-down collar, it is cut off along the waist line, with characteristic mid-length floors. Fastens the Bekesha with buttons. This cut was created in order to maximally protect the body from severe frosts. After all, a real sheep bekesha can withstand cold up to -50 degrees. The current models are varied, they make it possible to choose a style for any figure. For you in the catalog: elongated or shortened bekesha in different colors: light beige, chocolate and black. Original products from the manufacturer Natural fur suits all women, it is able to create the perfect winter look. Such women's outerwear creates a unique entourage, with notes of nostalgia for the times of the existence of the USSR. For those girls who are not afraid to be bright, they prefer an original style - sheepskin bekesha will be a good purchase.

On the harshest winter days, natural sheepskin from a Russian manufactory will warm you. If you live in a cold climate, sheepskin bekesha will become reliable protection from wind and frost. No wonder this type of clothing is preferred by hunters and fishermen, sheepskin coats were issued as uniforms for military personnel. Purchase a warm bekesha from the manufacturer - you will receive a quality guarantee and the best price, without intermediaries. On the website of the Ovechkin fur manufactory there is information on the care and operation of sheepskin clothes. Indeed, under proper conditions of storage and use, sheepskin coats from Tsigeyika do not lose their valuable characteristics for 30 years! Our store sells clothes and footwear made of natural materials, which are produced by the Ovechkin Fur Manufactory in Russia. Here you can buy a beautiful and warm female bekesha online. Call right now and order outerwear at the numbers indicated on the website.

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