Blankets made of natural sheepskin produced by the Ovechkin Fur Manufactory are high-quality products that are deservedly popular among customers. Many have already appreciated all the benefits of sheepskin blankets and enjoy using them every day.

What are these blankets good for?

Blankets from the Ovechkin Fur Manufactory have a number of advantages, which are due to the valuable features of natural sheepskin. Among these advantages are the following: sheepskin is a material of natural origin, therefore it is absolutely safe for human health. This distinguishes a sheepskin blanket from one made from synthetic materials. Natural sheepskin will not cause allergies and skin irritation in a person, so even children can use products made from it; the blanket retains heat well, while the natural material does not interfere with normal air circulation. Thanks to this, a person, covered with such a blanket, will feel quite comfortable and will not sweat a lot;

Sheepskin blanket looks very stylish, so it will become a real decoration of any room in your home.

If you wish, you can take it with you on a trip in order to comfortably rest even away from home; high quality natural sheepskin, which is used for the production of blankets, can be useful for a person suffering from diseases of the joints and spine. It also has a softening effect on human skin due to its lanolin content. Therefore, sheepskin blankets can be recommended for older people. In order for the blanket to retain its properties for a long time, it must be properly looked after. In particular, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust mites from breeding in the coat. With proper care, such a blanket will last a long time.

Why choose blankets from the Ovechkin manufactory In the catalog of our online store, you can choose a standard size fur blanket (160 x 200 cm), which will suit most buyers. But people of tall stature or those who want to buy blankets for large double beds can order custom-made products. For the manufacture of the lining of the blankets, the factory uses quilted cotton fabric and padding polyester. Thanks to this, the products are not only more beautiful, but also more durable and practical. Anyone who wants to get a truly high-quality sheepskin blanket should order it in the online store of the Ovechkin manufactory.

For the manufacture of blankets, only high-quality natural sheepskin is used, which undergoes a strict selection. Experts carefully check sheep skins for damage, measure hair height, etc. The company's products are certified and laboratory tested, so every customer of the online store is guaranteed to receive stylish and warm blankets of the highest quality.

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