The value of sheepskin was discovered by people a long time ago. Sheep skin products are a natural and environmentally friendly product that is not inferior even to wool. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, natural sheepskin provides tangible wearing benefits. Sheepskin hats: invaluable benefits and healthy comfort With the onset of cold weather, issues related to the acquisition of high-quality hats become especially important for us. In addition to frost protection, each customer expects to purchase a stylish and fashionable accessory.

What is interesting about sheepskin, and what value does it represent?

The benefits of natural material can hardly be overestimated. It is no coincidence that sheep skins have been valued by people at all times. They were used to insulate homes, shoes and clothing. But creating warmth is far from the only function of sheepskin. Products made from natural materials are hygroscopic. For comparison, a lady's hat made of sheep skin absorbs water vapor at least seven times faster than other textile products. Sheepskin absorbs up to 40% moisture, while cotton absorbs only 8%. Thanks to this beneficial property, your skin will remain dry and warm. Sheepskin is famous for its low thermal conductivity. Wearing such a product, you will not feel the cold even in severe frosts, and in the warm season, the models will not cause sweating. Advantages of sheepskin hats: high degree of breathability - the presented hats saturate the skin with oxygen, which prevents perspiration; hypoallergenic - a sheepskin hat will appeal to even the most sensitive customers with allergies; healing properties - wearing a headdress improves the condition of the skin and hair, relieves pain, stimulates blood circulation, versatility - the models are ideal for customers of all ages, they never go out of fashion, giving their unique style. Rich selection from Ovechkin Our store offers a rich assortment of sheepskin products. A stylish beret, an elegant hat made of muton or a universal Pavlo-Pasad shawl - here every customer will be able to purchase “her own” thing. On the site you will find a variety of models for every taste: a fashionable fur hat with fold-down headphones - an irreplaceable and practical thing for cold weather; takes from a muton - a favorite of lovers of stylish and feminine accessories; skufia is a daily headdress made of natural material.

Ovechkin fur manufactory - a choice for centuries More than 7000 years have passed, but things made of sheepskin remain in trend. It's all about the benefits and, of course, the beauty of natural material. The Ovechkin fur manufactory manufacturer is a time-tested choice. Our products pass all laboratory studies and quality tests. Careful material handling, the latest equipment for sewing, many years of experience - these are the "three pillars" that are at the heart of our production. We know how to create high quality and attractive products.

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