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Wholesale customers

Fur manufactory "Ovechkin" is ready to offer you a wide range of warm clothing made of sheepskin and accessories at the best prices

All products are made of natural sheepskin, which not only perfectly protects from the cold, but also looks aesthetically pleasing. The wear resistance and durability of sheepskin products, as well as the low price are the main advantages of this environmentally friendly material.

Our services:

  • own production of fur products;
  • the ability to fulfill state orders for workwear and make products in accordance with the technical characteristics of the customer;
  • full document flow with the provision of all necessary documents;
  • shipment of goods in any direction by transport companies at the customer's choice;
  • advice on the operation and care of sheepskin products.

The Ovechkin fur manufactory cares about its reputation and the quality of its products, so we get raw materials only from sheep bred in Russia, and all skins are subject to the strictest control for defects. Our products are safe and comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, which is confirmed by certificates and declarations of conformity.

Our advantages:

  • excellent quality;
  • original recognizable style;
  • wide size range;
  • impressive assortment;
  • flexible pricing policy;
  • minimum production time;
  • various forms of payment for products;
  • the warranty for all products is 1 year.

We offer cooperation on mutually beneficial terms, guaranteeing the constant quality of our products and flexible payment terms. We have developed special conditions for wholesale buyers, which allows us to significantly optimize all stages of the transaction, starting from the selection of the model and ending with delivery. For legal entities, payment by bank transfer is available with the provision of invoices, invoices, and certificates. To order the first batch of goods, just call or write to us, and we will send you a wholesale price list and advise on all types of products.

Creating conditions for a comfortable and safe stay of employees in the workplace is the main responsibility of any employer. Specialists of different professions perform their official functions, constantly being outside and exposed to temperature conditions, precipitation, wind. It is especially difficult to work in winter in sub-zero temperatures.

To protect working people in the harsh Russian climate reality, it is necessary to provide them with high-quality windproof workwear.

Our products:

  • sheepskin coat; sheepskin
  • sheepskin coat;
  • vests, fur lining;
  • boots, boots made of sheepskin;
  • working gloves;
  • fur balaclava;
  • fur mittens;
  • fur hats made of natural sheepskin.

We produce not only clothing for workers, but also jackets, outerwear, vests, winter shoes, hats, accessories, sleeping bags.

The Ovechkin fur manufactory cares not only about its development and prosperity,but also about the health of your organization's staff. After all, the success and well-being of your business depends on them.


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