In the cold season, natural fur protects the baby's body better than any other material.

Sheepskin products are especially popular, which do not freeze even in extreme frosts and are perfect for long winter walks.

Advantages of the material

Sheep fur has a high heat capacity, so it is never cold. It quickly warms the body and regulates heat exchange, taking care of the comfort and health of children. Sheepskin gloves and other products that come into contact with delicate skin do not cause irritation and have a soothing effect in case of inflammation. No wonder many creams for babies are made on the basis of wool wax - lanolin. Since the material is naturally dirt-repellent, it is easy to care for: it is enough to regularly brush the wool. Sheepskin for children does not contain substances harmful to health, such as formaldehyde, chlorine VI, polychlorinated biphenyls.

Other benefits of fur:

does not electrify like artificial;

soft, pleasant to the touch;




does not emit an unpleasant odor.

In summer, the benefit of sheepskin is that it acts as a natural air conditioner, providing a comfortable temperature and natural ventilation. Long hairs absorb excess moisture.

Product range

The Ovechkin fur manufactory produces leather belts, envelopes, baby blankets, booties, boots, sheepskin mittens and hats, as well as wheelchair couplings that will warm the hands of a young mother.

Distinguishing features of products:

comfortable fit, lack of internal seams, adjustable clasps. Not only the quality of the fur is monitored, but also of all additional elements: upper fabrics, threads, fillers, buttons, zippers. Many products for children are made of undyed fur. The outer fabrics are a blend of linen and cotton, practical waterproof bologna and polyester, membrane fabrics. A warm baby sheepskin envelope in a stroller will reliably protect the baby's back from the cold. At home, the fur envelope can be used as a bedding for playing on the floor. A blanket made of natural sheepskin will perfectly warm you in the off-season and with poor heating. Feet in sheepskin boots will never freeze thanks to the long fur and an insulating leather layer.

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