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fur envelope + sheepskin
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1000 gr.
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Sheepskin envelope gray

Sheepskin fur envelope
  • the use of natural sheepskin allows you to maintain the optimum temperature inside the envelope;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • perfectly neutralizes viruses and bacteria, reduces the risk of diseases;
  • the length of the envelope is 95 cm;
  • the width is 50 cm; (unfolded 105 cm width 95 cm) windproof flap along the zipper prevents cold air from entering;
  • frost-resistant durable zipper;
  • the design of the envelope allows you to turn it into a blanket;
  • adjustable hood volume; temperature mode of use +10 to - 30 degrees Celsius (taking into account the use of clothing for the season);
Insulation: sheepskin fur unpainted hair height 20-25 mm.
Upper fabric: Oxford fabric with a protective PU 1000 treatment, which makes it waterproof and stain resistant.



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