Need a practical and stylish sheepskin hat for men? Are you focusing on a variety of options, quality of tailoring, affordable cost? Explore the possibilities, prices, terms of cooperation from the production company "Ovechkin". We will help you in a short time at an attractive price to buy a fur hat with delivery to all regions of Russia.

Among the most popular and affordable furs, sheepskin steadily occupies a leading position. The material is known for its high thermal insulation properties, is strong, durable, absorbs moisture well without damaging the quality, appearance of the product, dries quickly, and promotes excellent air circulation. Natural sheepskin has several shades (usually golden-white, beige or cream), remarkably lends itself to coloring. It can have a straight, curly or wavy pile, it depends on the breed of sheep, the age of the animals, and the processing technology of raw materials. Sheepskin fur is not only warm, but also pleasant to wear, emits lanolin wax, which contributes to a beneficial healing effect. What is important for allergy sufferers, it does not cause allergic reactions. Sheepskin is often combined with other materials in products, including leather of different manufacture.

This is both practical and contributes to the expansion of the range of fur products. Inexpensive winter hat for men made of sheepskin - an advantageous offer from our company Vologda fur manufactory "Ovechkin" specializes in the serial production of various products from natural sheepskin. Men's headwear is one of the main activities of our company. For your attention on our website are presented:

• Hat with earflaps (from the collections: Winter forest, Autumn forest, Pilot, Aviator, Admiral)

• Officer's hat

• Skufia (sheepskin, leather)

The products we sell are characterized by high quality, originality of ideas, excellent wear, comfort, thoughtfulness of details, reliability of seams, accessories and reasonable cost. Designers, technologists of the manufactory are constantly working to expand the range, styles of products, find interesting solutions regarding the combination of various materials, the use of decorative elements. Hats with earflaps offered by us from the series Aviator, Pilot, Admiral and others are especially popular among customers of different ages. They are easily transformed and take on a different look. In warm, calm weather, the "ears" are usually tied or buttoned at the top of the headdress, and when it is cold outside, the wind easily sinks down, thereby protecting its wearer from the penetrating cold.

Comfortable, successful, not subject to years, a model at the height of fashion for more than a decade. And if earlier such a headdress was more common among representatives of military professions, today earflaps of various variations are an indispensable element of the wardrobe of almost any stylish man. They not only reliably protect their owners from wind and frost, but also undoubtedly emphasize the status, good taste of men. Another style of hat that is consistently in demand among young people and older men is skufia. Due to its shape, this type of headdress is suitable for men with different types of head structure. The sheepskin product allows you to maintain an optimal temperature up to - 25 degrees Celsius. In case of contamination, it can be easily cleaned with a brush, without leaving traces of dirt and abrasions on the surface. We offer you to take a virtual walk through our catalog of men's hats, get a closer look at the products, choose the model you like and place an order! Is a men's fur hat with earflaps necessary for winter? Interested in a hunting hat, a military hat, an Orthodox skufya or a traditional earflap? Don't want to overpay and still get a factory-made product? We are sure that you will be satisfied with a solid assortment, quality of workmanship, product prices, as well as a wide service of the enterprise! Winter fur hat from the Vologda manufactory "Ovechkin" - the choice of a competent buyer!

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