Fur mittens made of sheepskin fur coat are very warm and durable. The use of natural fur with high hair allows you to keep warm even in the most severe frosts. Comfortable temperature for wearing sheepskin mittens -35 degrees Celsius. Tanned sheepskin is soft, so the mittens fit comfortably on the hands. The fur factory "Fur Manufactory" Ovechkin " produces the following assortment of men's fur mittens: fur mittens made of black sheepskin, hunting mittens with inner seams, fur mittens covered with a moisture-resistant membrane fabric, mittens for hunters and fishermen covered with moisture-resistant fabric of the "Autumn Forest" color , fur mittens covered with genuine sheep leather. Sheepskin mittens are great and are widely used in the Far North, for work and outdoor activities. Buying mittens in our fur online store you get excellent quality and a guarantee from the manufacturer!

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