Fur manufactory "Ovechkin" produces winter children's shoes from natural sheepskin, which carefully keeps the child's feet warm regardless of the weather outside the window. Here you will find original booties of different colors, warm boots, cozy chuni. All shoes are comfortable and comfortable. The child will wear it with great pleasure. Fur booties are designed for babies. They hold perfectly on the legs thanks to a special tight-fitting shape, and the absence of seams inside the shoe allows you to wear it without any problems. Sheepskin booties are presented in white, beige, brown, black.

Chuni leather - soft, comfortable footwear for home. Children's chuni maintain a comfortable temperature, their feet do not freeze and do not overheat. There are no seams in the inner space that create discomfort when worn. The shoe looks very smart and is easy to put on thanks to the wide bootleg. Also, sheepskin chuni are not demanding in maintenance, they do not need to be washed, but it is enough just to remove dirt with a brush. Winter boots have an ergonomic shape. It is convenient to move around in them. Comfort and warmth are provided even in very cold and wet weather. Sheepskin boots do not wear out and do not get very dirty, which greatly simplifies the procedure for caring for them. In the catalog of the online store, children's boots are presented in black, brown and blue. Sheepskin boots are an excellent solution for a cold winter, when it is extremely important to keep the baby's feet warm, preventing freezing, as the baby can get sick. Boots for children made from natural materials will never allow you to freeze, and this significantly reduces the risk of catching a cold. Properties of natural sheepskin Natural sheepskin has a whole range of useful qualities:

- Warmth and comfort;

- Moisture resistance;

- Air permeability;

- Hypoallergenic;

- Anti-inflammatory properties;

- Pleasant tactile sensations;

- High strength;

- Presentable appearance.

The fur manufactory "Ovechkin" is the official manufacturer of children's shoes made of sheepskin, the processing of which takes place very carefully and without the use of aggressive tanning chemicals, which fully allows you to preserve the natural properties of the natural material. You can ask all your questions about the characteristics, the availability of shoes and the size range using a special form on the website or call the phone number listed at the top of the page. Happy shopping!


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