Useful properties and benefits of sheep fur

Sheepskin is a high quality natural fur traditionally used by people to make shoes, clothes and other fur products. Natural sheepskin is extremely warm and pleasant to the touch. Wearing clothes and shoes made from this fur not only keeps you warm and comfortable during use, but also brings health benefits. People have been making and using sheep skins for making clothes and shoes for several millennia. In the old days, with their help, houses were also insulated. Properly crafted natural sheepskin warms, but at the same time does not allow the body to sweat. Sheep fur conducts air well, due to which high-quality air exchange is provided under clothes and shoes made of sheep fur, eliminating overheating. Crafted sheepskin is used for the manufacture of the following products:

fur coat;

sheepskin coat;

sleeveless jackets;

insulation layer for clothing;

collars; hats; shoe fur; car covers, etc.

Sheepskin contains lanolin - a special wax with unique properties.

Once on the skin, this substance relieves puffiness,

eliminates inflammation, reduces fatigue, and improves blood circulation.

Sale of finished fur skins Our fur manufactory Ovechkin offers everyone to buy a sheepskin skin at an affordable price. The manufactory sells whole, ready-to-use sheep skins in various colors. The following types of skins are available for purchase: lining sheepskin; natural sheepskin; muton; basan. Benefits of finished skins One-piece, ready-made sheepskin hide can be used as an independent piece of furniture. Such a product organically fits into various interiors, fills them with coziness and warmth, gives a habitable, homely look. It is very pleasant to step on sheep's fur. Its natural pile is warm and soft. It does not cause allergic reactions and performs micromassage of the feet, improving blood circulation in them. Sheepskin is hygroscopic. If the room is too damp, it absorbs excess moisture, improving the indoor climate. Sheep skins laid on the floor in the room can become a comfortable place for a small child to play.

Warm, soft and fluffy, sheepskin provides high-quality air circulation and does not cause allergic reactions, therefore it is not capable of harming the baby's health. This piece of furniture is also useful for the elderly. Placed on the floor next to the bed, sheepskin helps reduce leg swelling and relieve joint pain.

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