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short fur coat + sheepskin for men
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3000 gr.
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  • Sewing according to your size

Sheepskin coat covered with fabric (green)

Sheepskin coat covered with fabric:
  • the use of a straight cut allows you to comfortably wear the product for people with different types of figure and physique;
  • the length of the product on the back is 87-100 cm (depending on the size of the product);
  • comfortable fastening with buttons and loops;
  • the slot on the buttons provides freedom of movement;
  • comfortable temperature of use up to -35 degrees Celsius, extreme temperature -50 degrees Celsius;
  • the product is made of solid sheepskin with long hair, which allows you to keep warm and perfectly protects from the wind even in the most severe frosts;
  • reliable welt pockets with a leaf, made of durable jacket fabric to match the color of the product;
  • outside the sheepskin coat is covered with a dense heliprotective fabric.
  • Special impregnation makes clothes made of fabric windproof, moisture-repellent, but at the same time removes excess heat from the underwear space
Composition: natural white sheepskin with a hair height of 25 mm
Collar: natural white sheepskin with a hair height of 25 mm
Cover fabric: BO-impregnated windproof fabric, 100% polyester.
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